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Scotchgard Protection

What is Scotchgard Protection ?

Scotchgard  is a chemical fluorocarbon textile treatment exclusively developed to protect upholstery fabric with an invisible shield repelling water and oil stains. It also resists dust and does not change its appearance, touch or perspiration of the fabric. It has been widely used in the world in the home furniture industry for many years.


What are the Benefits of Scotchgard Protection?

-STAIN RESISTANT Spills are repelled and form droplets on most fabrics for easy cleaning and drying.
-DIRT RESISTANCE Dirt and dust do not adhere so strongly to tissues and can be easily aspirated.
-NEW APPEARANCE FOR LONGER TIME Treated furniture maintains its new appearance for longer and requires less cleaning.
-ELIMINATE THE CONCERN You can enjoy your new furniture, without worrying about spills or dirt every day.